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Le Fleur Baroque

I’m watching The Tudors again, so my obsession with gowns and all things frilly are back!

Nicky Ree released this Le Fleur Baroque gown last weekend and it’s fantastic. Someone once asked, how many gowns do you actually need Gogo? WELLLL.. the answer is a lot! I need all of them. I love gowns, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Even if I have one in nearly every color, I can’t help but look everytime Nicky Ree releases new stuff. YAY for gowns!!

And yay The Tudors!!

And can someone please point me to a men’s store that sells suits that would compliment period gowns?

Other stuff I’m wearing: Illusions – Smokey veil | Cake – Swoon hair | Muse – The Dauphine jewelry set

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  1. tomoyukibatra

    My partner, Azriel Demain, makes wonderful suits, many with a period feel.
    The main tp to the store is here. ( if the html wonks out.)
    Use the tp book to the right of the stage to go to the ‘men’s formal’ section. (FYI – the suits look just as smashing on women as men.)
    I am usually about, so if you decide to come by, give me a yell and I will be happy to answer any questions you have about them.

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