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RFL Halfway There Fair

I’m posting this for my friend Wilma because she’s awesome, and wants your support during the RFL Halfway There Fair this Sunday (tomorrow).

— cut & pasted from Wilma —

This Sunday, June 1st the Relay for Life of Second Life will be holding its Halfway There Fair. During this fun event, my team, The Relay Rockers will be raising funds as part of this effort.

One of our main fund raisers is “Bid Me Bald”. Volunteers agree to shed their hair for $L5000 a day donation for RFL.

On Sunday from 6 am – 10 am SLT A Relay for Life Kiosk (benefiting American Cancer Society) will be set up just for me and my hair! At the end of the day, the total raised will cut off my hair, for L$5,000 per day. If L$10,000 is raised, I gotta go bald for 2 days. If L$35,000 is raised, I’m bald for a week. If I’m caught wearing my hair during the time I’ve been bid bald, I will have to match the total donation!

I’m a bit of a shopaholic and I’ve more than contributed my part to the SL economy…so it’s your turn to give back!! I’m more than willing to go bald for any amount of time…if I collect L$70,000 …I’m not above being bald for 2 weeks in SL. I figure that I’m already bald in RL…may as well go for it in my Second Life too.

The Relay Rockers do this every Sunday from 5-7 at T1 Radio. Please come take part!

I’m a bit of a private person but I will tell you a bit about my reasoning for being so vocal about this project. I’m a cancer survivor! I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2004. I went thru chemo and radiation…thinking it was all over and done with. But, this wasn’t to be. I was diagnosed a second time in July of 2007. I finished my chemo in late March. I’m finishing up with my radiation now and I fully intend on being around to spoil my grandbabies SOMEDAY. My son is 21 and a senior in college. I will be here to see those grandkids. I know that. I feel it in my heart.

I think it is amazing at what we can do when we pull together and work towards the goal. SL RFL last year was one of the most touching things I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been involved with RFL for many years and I was just as touched at the Survivors Lap in SL as I was my first survivors lap in so called real world. I sat in front of my computer on a beautiful summer day…I sat there all day…couldn’t tear myself away from the computer screen. Everyone came together for the same cause. This is a beautiful thing!

Cancer is a horrible disease but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Don’t look at me like I’m sick or a patient..just look at me. ..I’m a mom..I’m a daughter..a sister …a wife…a friend..I am you. Cancer can happen to anyone. Let’s just find a cure.
Please join me at the Fair and be generous. Help us Remember, Celebrate and Fight Back against Cancer!

Until there’s a Cure,

Wilma Delgado

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  1. Wilma Delgado

    Thanks everyone for helping me out. I raised $80k ($ 303.40 usd) for Relay for Life!! I am now bald until June 17th.If anyone catches Wilma with hair…turn her in. Then I’ll have to match the donations!

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