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Sylva’s Animation Factory

Sylva’s Animation Factory is like a candy factory for pose lovers! Inexpensive & cute, it’s a fashion blogger’s dream come true.

Here are some stands from the FREE AO at Sylva’s Animation Factory. I think this AO is fantastic, and the stands are really cute — totally going to use some of these in my Zhao-II.

Free AO for Men & Women

And all of the poses here are $5L each for no copy versions, and a little more for copyable versions. At $5L, it’s way cheaper than attempting to make these poses myself.

Did I mention there’s a FATPACK of 670 poses for $2000L? OMG…….. CHEAP!!!!!!! All the sit/stand/lay poses you could ever want right there in the mega pack. <33 Sylva’s Animation Factory!

Other Stuff I’m Wearing: Tart Clothing – Trina top | Last Call – Alizee jeans (part of outfit)

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  1. Thema Felix

    Correction on that bulk 670 pose price… it’s actually 20k, not 2k.
    Thanks for the link! Way too much fun for anyone who can’t get enough poses 🙂

  2. Thema Felix

    oops, i was looking at the full perms poses 😉 teehee. yay for cheap!

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