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Take me away…

Digit Darkes released some new dresses this week which are daring and romantic. I haven’t seen an open prim skirt in the front revealing sexy panties anywhere else!! It’s a dress & lingerie all in one.. Love it!

[Digit Darkes – Antigua (Spain) dress]

[Plunging neckline & sexy panties]

I like this dress a lot because I can show off my sexy shoes! Sexy sexy sexy Juicy shoes 😛

Other stuff I’m Wearing: Paper Couture – Regal Pearl Set | ND – Maya II hair

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  1. Lizbeth Saenz

    There is no doubt that the dress is absolutely gorgeous but I have a question….
    In the 3rd pic, where there is a close up on the belly, could you please clarify what the lines are right beside your hip? I’d really love to think it was just a little discrepancy in the picture and not the dress. 🙂

  2. gogolita

    Ah, it’s the flexi skirt.. at certain cam angles, I think you can see very fine lines because those are the smallest sides on the prim skirt.

  3. Ipanemagirl Bing

    I buy thatdress yesterday and is so gorgeous:)))) you loook fantastic!, i will come to read your blog every day :)))
    have a nice day

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