FAB Design has cute fun styles, and they’re all perfect for summer.

I *LOVE* this outfit!! Could it be any pinker?!!! <3<3 I think I’m channeling my inner Britney here (before she went crazy…)

***NOTE*** I’m a bad fashionista! So apparently I had forgotten to take off an underpants layer I had on. Please ignore the white layer underneath these shorts πŸ˜›

[FAB Design – Sunny | Mirai Style – Romi (with hat) hair | Juicy – Slingbacks (Strawberry) | :69: – Necklace & Bracelet (free in shop)]

[FAB Design – Daily | Mirai Style – Miho hair | Juicy – Slingbacks (Apple)]

This outfit reminds me of an Italian guy on a gondolier, so I searched google for a picture and found this!

The boy equivalent of this outfit can be found at SF Design, who knew? LOL

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