Body Glitter!!!!!!

Embrace Body Oil!!!!

Nyoko Salome, the body oil baroness has made this awesome little glitter version of her famous body oil!! I know a lot of people think of body oil as being just for blinging escorts with fake bake tans, but I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to wear body oil, embrace it, make it your own.

I’m excited that Nyoko just released v2 of her famous Body Oil!! What I’m wearing above is the BodyGlitter Light version, I prefer it to the Super (too strong) and regular. GLITTER ROCKS!!!

Other Stuff I’m Wearing: Aoharu – Nikki Hair | Sey – Afghan (group gift) | Camie Cooper – Sport Beater (tintable) | ZeroNumber – Engineer Boots

TP here to check out Nyoko’s

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