Armidi Pink Jumpsuit!!

A few of my friends like the idea of playing preggo in SL, except when Armidi releases something new then it’s byebye belly bump! I actually think it’s very cute unless the belly talks…..!!!!!!! O.o

Yesterday Laqroki released 6 fabulous new hairstyles, one of them is the Night, a casual ponytail which is perfect for lounging around in the pink jumpsuit from Armidi.

[Armidi – Denim Cotton Jumpsuit | Laqroki – Night hair | Muse – Marguerite Feather Necklace | Juicy – Slingbacks (Strawberry)]

Here I am wearing my newly created preggo shape just to demonstrate that posh Armidi stuff can be worn with a belly bump!! To create your own slightly preggo shape, bump up your body fat!!! I went from 0% to 12% for this purpose, and changed my belly size from 0 to 60. There are a lot of people that buy premade pregnant shapes, but it’s very easy to create on your own.

Cute!! This jump is so hot I’m going to save it as part of my Default Gogo outfit.

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