Sweetest Goodbye

Sweetest Goodbye has a small collection of beautifully textured clothing with yummy sculpted prims in all the right places. I’m always on the quest for short skirts but designers keep releasing knee-length or longer.. *sobs* Until I found Sweetest Goodbye this morning, even though there was only ONE short skirt, it was the perfect little flexi-sculpted skirt that comes in several different muted tones.

I’m wearing.. the Sweetest Goodbye – Happy Mania White shirt paired with a red sculpted ribbon; and the Sweetest Goodbye – Delispice Choco skirt (with belt). The Delispice skirt comes with two options, with and without belt.


This yummilicious sculpted bag is available for FREE @ Sweetest Goodbye. I like that the bag is modifiable, so I’ve textured the cube with my own picture 🙂 You can go a step further and texture each individual face on the cube with pics of your bf, pets, home, self, etc.

Other stuff I’m Wearing: SOREAL – Halo Sunglasses | Juicy – Slingbacks (Peppercorn) | Aoharu – Nikki Hair | Juicy – Charm Bracelet (FREE)

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