Tahiti Sweety

I’ve been a busy girl this week with remodeling Juicy, so it’s time for a break with a smexxy new bikini! <333

The bikini is called Sweety Tahiti by BOOM and comes with a sexy sheer dress. I like that there’s options to wear it the sheer dress, or go without. Beware of nips showing, but hey it’s Summer… a lil is OK right? 😛 I also like that this bikini is transferable, always a great option when you’re shopping for yourself and your friends.

A bunch of new hairs at HCT!! I’m wearing the HCT – Lena above and it’s gorgeous (except for the braid.. not really into braids that much) but I loooove the sculpted bangs that loosely frames the face.

Check out BOOM @ Juicy! There’s a freebie white tank top in a gift bag 🙂

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