Twosome Smexxy Bold Colors!!!!

Are you in the mood for some bold 80s inspired colors? Head over to Twosome because they’re having a 50% off sale right now!!!!! The sale starts now and ends on July 6th!

Here I’m wearing the Twosome 80’s tube top, I love the colors it’s SOO 80’s!!! I was too young during the 80’s but I do remember wearing leggings!!

I am in love with this latest hairstyle from Mirai Style…… <33 Sculpted hat!

[Mirai Style – Vixa hair | 69 – Luv Necklace]

The Love Tees collection from Twosome is super awesome! I can say what I want on a t-shirt! KISS ME!

[Magika – Sultry hair] ::I LOVE THIS HAIR!!! It’s SO BLONDE::

Other sayings include.. Eat Me, Friend Me, Hug Me and Tease Me. Get one, get a few… or get them all 🙂

Tp to Twosome to check out the 50% Sale no EVERYTHING.

******Quick note******

Spur of the moment name change for my blog. I’ve decided to move rename it to JuicyBomb! + will take you to the same place until the gogolita domain name expires 🙂

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