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Juicy Classic Pumps in Apple

Ohhhh.. I forgot to mention that Juicy Shoes now has a flickr group!!! Please submit photos of yourself wearing Juicy to be selected for our shop poster! Thanks!

Juicy Shoes Poster Challenge on FLICKR


Have a Juicy Apple, it’s good for you.

Because I’m in love with these pumps.

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  1. Marni Grut

    Cute shoes
    Corse id be more inclined to buy if you didnt so shamlessly endrose your own product. I just think thats poor taste.

  2. gogolita

    I don’t think it’s poor taste. I’m proud of my products, I can un-shamelessly promote them or any other cause I want to inside Second Life. Thanks for your input though πŸ™‚

  3. B

    i loved these shoes when i first seen them but u push them so much on here that im so sick of them i wont buy – sick of this blog to coz all i see are then dam shoes

  4. gogolita

    B, I’m sorry you feel this way. While the purpose of this blog is not strictly to endorse Juicy products, it does serve as the official Juicy product release and promotion blog. It’s your Lindens, spend where you want — but how rude are you to come to a product blog and say you’re sick that I blog my products too much.

  5. B

    i stumbled onto this site when the whole outcry was happening about the dishonest way juicy was wording itself in the search tabs _ using other shoe brand names when there was no need or reason.
    Reading this site it never showed it was the juicy site- nor that u had anything to do with it -though as more posts happened and time went on it started to unfold.
    I read alot of blogs – a shop blog shows the shop items this blogs alot of things that are not juicy so it cant be JUST the site for ur store.
    decide which this is then maybe u wouldnt find this problem

  6. grungestyle

    It’s her blog. She can endorse or not endorse whosoever the hell she wants to. Most designers have a design blog to announce new products – but you’re saying because she talks about other clothing, she can’t ever again mention her own products? Please.
    It’s a severe case of damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t. With an Alexa rating like hers and the traffic, why wouldn’t you announce your own products? I’m fairly sure she, like all fashion designers who also blog, does not exist solely to bump profit in everyone else’s lines.
    If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  7. B

    o dear did u break a nail there in ur little cat fight lol

  8. Davo

    U love the shoes but she pushes them too much on her own personal Blog.
    Such rules. Such opinions.
    Gogo is an SL doing much more than i see here on her Blog.
    She puts some great looking shoes into SL and is having a ball watching them sell and be worn. So as this is her blog wouldnt u expect to see snippets of her contribution to fashion instead of the 100’s of products she has advertised free on this blog. But ofcourse she will blog about anything she sees and likes even if, Gasp, they are outright competitors to her.
    If you know Gogo you know she shops and I wonder what would happen to the SL economy if she crept back into her box like a couple of you blog readers seem to want.
    SL is fun for all, to build, sell, buy, wear…Gogo looks amazing in the things she chooses to write about here.. and her shoes are great too..
    i dont mind people digging at shoe design, cost etc but “too much on her own blog” is such a misplaced comment.
    Why be down on someone enjoying SL and sharing the joy she finds with you ?

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