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Premium account vs “FREE”

Some people need to stop bitching on forums about restricting logins to premium account holders only.

I don’t have a premium account because I do not own any mainland parcels. That 100US/year or less membership fee is nothing compared to the outrageous island fee that I pay each month. So quit your bitching, kthx.

Instead of thinking of ways to restrict people from the grid, or who deserves to be on more, I think LL should definitely find ways to ensure that everybody that wants to login can login. As an island/biz owner I want more residents online happily shopping away, NOT LESS. KTHX.

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  1. grungestyle

    I’m glad someone said this. The problem isn’t about who gets in, the problem lies in the fact that LL has not made an effort to make sure everyone can get in. Asset servers and database problems have been off the chart lately, making life extremely difficult for anyone who buys or sells in Second Life – add on to that the number of consumers dropping because they can’t even log in… sigh.

  2. Nikkita Auerbauch

    Agreed. I don’t have a premium account, but I participate just as fully in SL- I work in world for a non-profit; I pay rent, which allows my landlord to pay LL; and I shop A LOT (seriously, A LOT). When I can’t log in, all of those little things I do to support the SL economy don’t happen. Multiply that by all the users who can’t get in, and I’m sure the effect is huge.
    As grungestyle said, isn’t the point here to make sure that the grid can accommodate us all so we can all contribute the SL economy in our own way?

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