After a long wait, Minnu Palen released the MMSZero skins this weekend. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the now discontinued Gen4 line, and the newly released Zero.

[Comparison of Light skin tone]

For me, the face is the most important feature of any skin line. The same creamy complexion that I love from Gen4 + eyes are carried over to Zero. Things that are different.. new lips, new nose, new brows! There are 3 different brow options for Zero, but I wish these were tintable!!!! They’re thicker than the previous generation, which I’m not too keen on but some people like thicker brows.

[MMSZero – Light_GiftA (group gift/freebie)]

The opening gifts previously sent to MMSkins group members are now in the lobby in 3 gift bags. There are 6 female skins and a bazillion male skins (streaked makeup), so be sure to grab those @ Glam World before they’re gone. I love gifts of skins, it makes my little skin addict heart happy 🙂

[This is Juicy prancing around Shiny Falls in new MMSZero skin gift]

What do you think of the new Zero line? Do you like it?

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