Oops! I… am totally inlove with Brit punk!

OOpS Design creator Emilie Susanti makes cool Brit punk outfits, and it’s so cute and artsy looking. I’m a lazy fashionista… I don’t really mix-and-match often, so being able to unpack and just “copy and wear” is totally awesome! The Oops Brit Punk & Oops Music are so Avril Lavinge (yes I know she’s Canadian :P).

[ OOpS – Brit punk | OOpS – Music ]

Punk, glam, casual? OOpS Design has it all.

[ OOpS – Spring Shirt | OOpS – Glamour ]

Other stuff I’m wearing: BeBae Skin | Magika hair | W&Y hair | Curio – Vintage Heart Necklace | >M< Damaged Teddies – Bloody Teddy | Juicy – headbands

Tp to OOpS Design to see the entire collection.

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