Tracolore + Irene

Ohhh baby, I’m on a shopping kick!! Sooooo……… I was wandering around one of the MagSL shopping district and came across a clothes shop called Tracolore. Tp’ed to their mainstore to check out the entire collection, it was small but awesome.

Got this sexy Polo shirt… in pink! <3<3<3

[ Tracolore – Tracolore – POLO Shirts(pink) | Curio – Psychobilly Freakout hair ]

Tracolore shares shop space with Irene, there was a line of dazzling bikinis.

[ Irene – Sw Spangkle pink bikini | Curio – Psychobilly Freakout hair ]

And I’m saving the best for last…. This awesome little checkered one piece dress! It’s got a very country girl feel, so I’m wearing my pink cowboy hat! <3

[ Tracolore – CheckShirtsOne piece (blue) | ETD – Laurie hair (with pink hat) ]

[ ETD – Flicka hair | The HUB – Venus Sandals ]

*The Polaroid Hud is a freebie from Burt Laundry, it has lots of different designs to choose from.

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