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Are you Curio(us)?

Preview of the latest skins by Gala Phoenix! Tons of new makeups ranging from soft to bold & bright. With 10 different skin tones, it’ll be really tough to pick just one!!!

[ Classic Skin Tone – Click on the image for larger view ][Flickr set]

[ Curio Hair – Pshychobilly Freakout | Melinda | Gertrude | Holly ]

Here’s a small preview of the new hairs by Rita Groshomme. This is the sweetest hair collection I’ve seen in a long time and compliments the fresh Gala makeups perfectly.

The Curio sim with a beautiful custom build and plenty of open space to relax and take pictures outside.

Join the “Gala & Rita Design Announcements” group for early access @ Noon tomorrow and group gifts.

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  1. DesX

    the faces on those new skins just don’t mesh well. Something is off definitely particularly in the nose region and those reddish areas under the eyes. It looks a lot like how people look after a chemical peel actually. As my mother gives those to people daily. Stick with your old skin.

  2. Sandy

    I paid 8 thousand dollars for my computer with all the bells and whistles and I look at skins in extreme detail and these look freaking awsome on high grade computers. If someone thinks they dont they need to get a better computer LOL
    These are the best skins yet made in second life thus far

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