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Because I like sparkley things

MMS recently released a line of seriously big hair! This is the Stefani hairstyle in Platinum, a totally wild and tousled look.

I am pairing this hair with the Speak Easy dress from Digit Darkes. I <3 Digit, she knows how to make things sparkley!!!

One of my favorite finds at the SL Footwear Expo is the J’s Real Toe Ankle Belt Sandals in Black. SEXY!! Currently offered only in Red and Black, I’m really hoping to see more colors for these. I’ve never thought to give prim toes a try until JB Gazov built these into his fabulous line of shoes and now I’m a converted prim-toes wearing shoe-a-holic. YAY!

Other credit… I’m wearing this fantastic Le Masque de Gorgeous necklace by Mijn Boa. She’s only making these for fun, so I was really delighted when she made one in hot pink glitter just like my website’s logo. To see art by Mijn Boa and Marmite Xue tp to the Viva La Glam gallery.

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  1. Mijn Boa

    Hey Gorgeous ^^
    What a sexy dress šŸ˜‰ I’m glad that you like your mask!
    all best,

  2. rockberry

    Mijn gave me the cutest necklace too! She is a awesome person.

  3. Haro

    I love your blog and the stuff you show here … congrats :), Haro

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