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Expanding My HorizonSL

Koenji, Shimokitazawa, Metabirds, Ginza………etc., is an amazing cluster of Japanese sims. If you don’t know it, familiarize yourself because these sims are an architectural wonder AND shopping haven.

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  1. Mijn Boa

    I love the japanese sims 🙂 I have a plot in Koenji, we’ll be moving the main gallery there soon ^^

  2. Taille Wrigglesworth

    And some of the best, bar none, photo opportunities you are likely to find on the grid. 😀

  3. Zaiira

    sorry if this might be a double post… seems my first one didn’t work? i was wondering where you got your hair from. it’s gorgeous!

  4. Gogo

    Hi Zaiira! I got the hair here 🙂

  5. Zaiira

    thanks gogo! btw, you’ve got me hooked on those gala & bebae skins!

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