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Let’s get Exotic!

The latest skins release by mina Jun appropriately named “Exotic” are absolutely stunning. I crave variety when it comes to eye makeup, and there’s even lipstick this time! And yummy lipgloss <3333

[ Click here to view a close-up of Exotic and other minajunk skins @ my Flickr set ]

All these photos were taken in-world at default Sunset setting. Normally I don’t like shadows when I’m featuring skins but today I wanted to show you that even with default sun settings, these skins are fabulous.

And yeah, the body is gooooooooood. 😛

Other credits: I’m wearing Bare Rose – Short Vest Lady | Sugar Cube – Ketty Happy Life Generator hair

TP to minajunk @ Koreshan to demo the latest Exotic skins.

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  1. Beanie Canning

    Mina’s skins are true art. Completely hand drawn. Her talent amazes me.
    You look stunning!

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