Every girl should have some type of Medieval fantasy costume because it’s SL, and having costumes is part of the fun. This is the Elegance Gown from Mer-Elf Creations and it comes with a ton of options!! It took me awhile to figure out which attachments goes with which skirt option, etc.

[Worn with Cloak Hood & Sleeves | House of Heart – Earth (Coffee Bean) hair]

Rawr! I looove the sleeves on this gown, it’s such a nice dramatic touch.

For a sultry look, just wear the bodice & skirt with the belt.

TP to Mer-Elf Creations to check out all the costumes + mermaid outfits. This tp will take you to the landing point, the actual shop is actually in the sky so click on the totem pole stick thing behind the sign to tp up to the shop. Under water is a mermaid hang out! Cuuute!

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