This week I found myself making several trips to the PopFuzz sim, first for the Cupcakes hunt from Mimi Coral, which was really easy (my favorite type of hunt!). THEN, Rosemary Galbraith of Rosemar had a hunt as well but hers was actually really challenging and I found myself getting really competitive, LOL. I found 12 packages! What can I say? I looove games!!

Anyways, tons of goodies to be had but what made it worthwhile were the new M&R Birthday Suit skins!!!! A collaboration between Mimi Coral & Rosemary Galbraith, and they are beautiful.

M&R Birthday Suit skins below:

I love nude lips, which there are plenty of <3 and black liner. And the Cameo – Elegant tone with dark crimson lips is one of my favorites too.

House of Nyla is having a 50% off sale! I’ve been holding onto my gift card for several weeks hoping there was a sale, and Nyla Cheeky read my mind 😛

[ House of Nyla – Dark Denim 2 piece set | Magika – Genesis hair | Swallowtail – Coral Necklace ]

[ Swallowtail – Coral chain sandals ]

[ House of Nyla – Queen of Candy Hearts | M&R Birthday Suit – Sienna skin (found @ hunt) | MMS – Venessa II hair ]

I love this Queen of Candy Hearts lingerie set from House of Nyla, the hat is too cute! I looove this skin tone. Normally I wear pale-fair skin, but this tan skin from M&R is gorgeous and perfect for summer.

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