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New Release at Laqroki!!

Pssst! Laqroki has just released tons of new clothes for men & women! I am in squeelicious mode right now!!

These white suspenders are SO versatile, you can mix and match it with any undershirt, shirt, or jacket layer! I’ve been waiting for the perfect outfit to go with my HotelSwan & 69 Spankle Bag.

Laqroki by you.

[ Laqroki – Boatneck tee (candy) | Laqroki – Susp Jeans (white) ]

Laqroki by you.

Beautiful Laqroki Knit Cardigan and Skinny Jeans. These are some of the most realistic looking yet soft looking textures I’ve seen in awhile.

Laqroki by you.

[ Laqroki – Knit Cardingan {close-up} ]

Laqroki by you.

[ Laqroki – Short Open Cardigan | Laqroki – Pink Jeans Shorts ]

These items mix so well together, you can create entirely different looks from just a few basic pieces. Here I’m wearing the Laqroki Suspender Jeans with a Tee&Vest combo.

Laqroki by you.

[ Laqroki – Tee with Vest ]

Laqroki by you.

[ Laqroki – Trench Jacket (Black) ]

Laqroki by you.

[ Laqroki – Skinny Jeans (Blush) ]

Tp to Laqroki to view ALL the latest clothing release for men & women!!

Other credits: Hair by Magika and ETD | My Chihuahua is by creator Mui Runo

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  1. melaniekiddofsl

    Lol, it’s so weird how we think alike… we even paired several of the same pieces in the same way without having ever spoken about it, did you notice that?? And omg that lil chihuahua is so cute <3

  2. Gogo

    Haha yeah!

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