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Rockberry My World

[RockBerry] skins by Heather Beebe are so cuuute! The makeups are nice and a pack of 6 only sets you back 800L.

[[RockBerry] – Stage 4 Face A/B/C/D/E/F Light tone shown above]

TP to [RockBerry] to see demo all the skin that are here! Don’t forget to pick up the Newbie Skin for $1L, its pretty.

**randomness** RockBerry is located across from a shop called Barbie Princess owned by someone named Barbie Princess. HOW CUTE IS THAT NAME?!!! I’m soooo jealous!! LOL

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  1. Grazia

    Heya Gogo, yes the faces are cute.. but have you checked the rest of the body… at all??? It’s a nice quilt… but not exactly what I expect on a skin… not even if it is this convenient.

  2. Gogo

    hi Grazia! I have, and the six-pack is not what I would normally prefer but 800L works out to be about 133L per skin so it’s not a huge amount if you just wanted make-ups variety. I think these are partially Eloh mods too, and gawd I must have hundreds of them in my invy from all different creators! 😛 The’re cheap, fun.

  3. me

    The face is totally Eloh cept the lips as you could see here
    Whats up with the belly. Looks like she didnt know how to finish it ?

  4. Grazia

    I agree with me (uhmmm.. sounds weird… but hey…), the skins look unfinished. Also make sure to wear long hair.. because the head/neck is of a totally different texture than the back, which has a different texture than the front of the upper body, which has a different texture than the lower body… Yes.. cute faces… but even for just 800 a pack.. I think it is fair to point out the flaws, instead of just cheering the, indeed, adorable faces.
    The six pack is the least of my concerns.. I’ll just pretend I work out all the time if the skin is good 😀

  5. Heather

    Thank you all for your constructive criticism. Opinions always help, my goal was just to make them pretty, lol. I certainly am not the best, still learning, next will be better for sure. Well, if there is a next time. Might be time to try something else, skins are a “killer”!

  6. Grazia

    Heather… the skins you send me yesterday, the ones you’ve worked so hard on to make them better… they really have turned out pretty good. And I sure hope you won’t let skinmaking go.. because I think you could really make something good… after all, practice makes perfect. And after having surprised all of us with a lovely face, you have also managed to make a much better body than on the first version of your skin.

  7. Getting Better Fast: Rockberry Skins at Second Style Fashionista

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