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sinDECADE Limited Edition

sinDECADE has made a limited edition makeup to be sold only at the Juicy sim. Only 50 are available — and includes 2 skin tones with freckles and without freckles. Demos are located in front of the ad board, and skins are packaged in individual boxes in the back (don’t forget to take the original box when you purchase!).

sinDECADEJuicy8 by you.

[ sinDECADE Juicy Limited Edition skin ]

sinDECADEJuicy2 by you.

[ – Color Rage Butterfly Eyes included!! ]

sinDECADEJuicy3 by you.

Tp to Juicy Main Store for sinDecade’s limited edition skin, only 500L each. Only 50 and they’re gone forever.

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  1. Trin Trevellion

    wooohaa.. thx you so much! i love your place. You do a great job there!
    is there any skin that doesn’t look better on your shape instead of its own? damn it! ^^

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