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Sweetest Goodbye

Sweetest Goodbye recently released some amazing new items, from traditional wear to modern, and even some men’s suits!! This shop does one of the best sculpted mini-skirts on the grid. <3

Below I’m wearing the Sweetest Goodbye Breeze outfit in White & Pink. This outfit comes with a sculpted skirt, sleeves, and collar in White & Pink or Black see through fabric, so you can wear it two slightly different ways.

[W&Y – Yuki 37 hair | *FTL* Cobochon – Ajisai Eyes (FREE! click on store subscribo; a great tip from Beanie Canning!) | Sylva’s Animation Factory – Kimono AO]

[Back View]

[W&Y – Yuki 38 hair (omg? Cutest hat ever!! This is like hair from Argrace but only 30L!!! and it’s modifable!!) | ICoN – Gold&Red Bangle]

[Sweetest Goodbye – Monocrom Black Suit]

This suit is so cute, I love the sculpted pant legs and the jacket comes with a shirt or without shirt option for a sexier look. The Monocrom suit also has a men’s version!! I like that Sweetest Goodbye is branching out into menswear now because guys on the grid have NOTHING TO WEAR (compared to us girls anyway).

All the hair in this entry is from W&Y. In my opinion, W&Y is the best hair bargain on the grid because each style is only $30L (and comes in several colors or bangs options). Tp to W&Y now for a cute hair fix!

On location photos were taken at the beautiful Gion sim.

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  1. Beanie Canning

    That hair is such a great deal! Glad you liked it.
    I adore that Korean dress from Sweetest Goodbye. And you look gorgeous in it 🙂
    Thanks for the mention!
    Beanie Loves Japan!

  2. Noctifer Noel

    The hair is fantastic- and the skin you wear looks fresh and cute and so young- wich one is it?
    Thanks for the fab report!

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