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After a long wait, Minnu Palen released the MMSZero skins this weekend. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the now discontinued Gen4 line, and the newly released Zero.

[Comparison of Light skin tone]

For me, the face is the most important feature of any skin line. The same creamy complexion that I love from Gen4 + eyes are carried over to Zero. Things that are different.. new lips, new nose, new brows! There are 3 different brow options for Zero, but I wish these were tintable!!!! They’re thicker than the previous generation, which I’m not too keen on but some people like thicker brows.

[MMSZero – Light_GiftA (group gift/freebie)]

The opening gifts previously sent to MMSkins group members are now in the lobby in 3 gift bags. There are 6 female skins and a bazillion male skins (streaked makeup), so be sure to grab those @ Glam World before they’re gone. I love gifts of skins, it makes my little skin addict heart happy 🙂

[This is Juicy prancing around Shiny Falls in new MMSZero skin gift]

What do you think of the new Zero line? Do you like it?

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  1. anon

    Love the faces on the new mm skins, thanks to Minnu.
    I found the shading on the legs compared to upper body to be different. Lower half seems more rosy.

  2. susan jacobs

    Looks to me like this time she copied the Lindens new player avatar skin instead of stealing off Renderosity. That is NOT a good look.. still has the white circles under the eyes like someone forgot to take off their sunglasses .. and that weird curly thing under the nostrils like a bad hair-lip surgery. Seriously, she lied and then when busted, remained mute even to her fans and skin group members. Spend your money with creators who give a shit about you. Minnu Palen is laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. yelo uriza

    … Hardly… lips looks like they were taken of a 40 years old smoker, the nose is too shiny (screams please photoshop me), the eyebrows have bald patches, the ass looks just copy and pasted, the bobbies have an odd shadow underthem and I hate the moles. >.<
    For the records I do have one skin of each generation starting gen2 which I no longer wear cause I found skins that are way better as I spent more time in SL without all the cloud of faux glamour that to anyone who did spend some time behind the other side of the camera in RL under boiling studio lights was not true to start with :p

  4. Anon

    The old ones look better. The make up on the sun tanned and tanned is awful. Really not worth the $1500 L. But I will say the shading on the tummy is really nice. But the over use of blush especially in pink and red kill it for me.
    The freebie skins in tanned are just.. it made my avatar look like she fell asleep face down in a cotton candy bin.

  5. Annon

    I just can’t get over how in the tanned ones: the Upper body compared to lower half and different tones. I was in a pose where my arms wrapped around my knees and the tonal difference was gross.
    The lips are too realistic and creepy for my liking.
    As for the whole awful incident: she was smart with the freebies and new line. People will wear the freebies and not care.

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