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I picked up a cute couple pose called “Late to the Dance” this week from Mela’s. I loooove this pose enough to take it out to play today and came up with my own name for it. I’m renaming this “zOmg! Let’s go Shopping!” because that’s how it looks!!!

K, let’s go shopping.

You’re slowing me down! Like zomg!! Hurry!

Ooo Juicy Plaza

K.. let’s go to the next sale!

I looove active couple poses, and this one looks good from all angles. Mela’s released a bunch of other cute couple poses this week. The shop is currently remodeling so it’s hovering 86M in the air, click here to TP to Mela’s on Juicy.

**NOTE** If you want to demo this pose for yourself in-world, I have put this at the exact location that these photos were taken for your own pic-snapping pleasure!! 🙂

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  1. Melanie

    Hehe those are some awesome pics! <3

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