Ballerina @ Alchemy

Alchemy creator Constanza Volare released a line of colorful, bright, FUN little bathing suits/ballerina outfits! I……. LOVE…….. HOT PINK. AND LIME. Below I’m pairing the Sweety Lime and Sweety Fuschia outfit with the latest hair from Detour. This new Achtung style includes a resizer script so you can touch & resize with ease.

Alchemy8 by you.

[ Alchemy – Sweety Lime | Detour – Achtung hair ]

I felt like Punk Ballerina Barbie with the Achtung hair, so I tried on the HoH Carrie style and it was adorable!!!

Alchemy by Constance Volare by you.

Below I’m pairing the HoH Carrie hair with a sweet little nautical themed dress from Alchemy. It has that really cute retro pin-up girl look.

Alchemy9 by you.

[ Alchemy – Oceanic (Yellow) | House of Heart – Carrie (Natural Blonde) ]

Alchemy by Constance Volare by you.

Alchemy by Constance Volare by you.

Happy Sunday everyone! Go forth and shop. Tp to House of Heart for the Carrie hair, Detour for Achtung hair, and Alchemy for sweet sassy outfits.

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