YAY CSR!!!!!!!!!

I must have these things… (pics stolen from official CSR website):







K, no more spamming everyone. CSR is like Christmas in August!! Woohoo! Can anyone give me suggestions of items I should buy from sponsor shops? I’ve already bought a bunch from Kurotsubaki this morning. I have 4 cards..woohoo! I’ll probably need about 10 to get everything I want. What should I buy????????

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  1. Edelweiss has a new release. Happy Mood, BP, and Tangram just re-opened. I already hit up BP for CSR buys, but I dunno what Happy Mood and Tangram have. Go see and tell me lol.
    I’m late getting started on my CSR buying. Going to get 3 more Mina skins (exotic), then I’ll need 2 more cards.
    Don’t you just love that doll? I collect dolls in SL.
    The new Edelweiss release is a maid outfit with weapons lol. It’s on the Edelweiss blog.

  2. Noam has some really cute hair (I love the Penny and Creative hair myself). and I think you need to add the HPMD gift to this list, that rocking horse is sooooo cute 🙂

  3. I stocked up on the Cotton Pants from Cubic Effect to gather the rest of the cards I needed XD
    I’ve stamped all my cards already, now I am forced to wait until tomorrow to get my prizes T_T
    /me sets up a tent in front of event hall to wait 😀

  4. Beanie, I collect dolls and toys too.. and cute things and lolita things! haha
    Sai, ooo you are on top of things! An inspiration 😛
    Autumn, my list was way too small, but it was things I MUST HAVE.. part 1, I think part 2 is coming as soon as I get more cards 😛

  5. Oh Gogo!!! I have to see your dolls! Have to make sure I haven’t missed any lol.
    I went to Happy Mood. All the birds and bunnies have CSR cards. I recommend the birds highly. God they’re gorgeous.
    There are 2 dresses at BP, released pretty recently. Beautiful off-white confections. One comes with tears. Haven’t seen anyone blog them. Anyway they have CSR cards. Can’t remember if her hair has CSR cards but she released a LOT of hair over the past couple months. Some uber nice chignons.
    And Omg we all need to go beat up Sai!!! Waaaaaayyyy too organized and efficient!!! 😉

  6. oh hai. Theres a very cute dress that’s new at YumYum. it’s the first thing you see when you go inside the door farthest from the stamp machine. comes in 9 colors, sculpty/flexi mix skirts (3 skirt options) very very cute. I have the hot pink one and i’ve just been loving it. I got it a good week before CSR started and it had a card in it! Score!

  7. I got myself nine stampcards, two of which I gave to a friend.
    The gift by Mamesando is AMAZING! I can’t believe they gave it out for free. A very sweet gothic-lolita-like dress, with huge wings that only show up when you’re flying, the sweetest weapon I’ve seen so far (I just hope it works with CCS) and skin, shape, everything. I love it.
    And the pink dress by Edelweiss is so adorable. I’m back to looking cute now hahaha

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