CSR Gifts! Gimme Dolls!!

CSR 2008 ends in TWO WEEKS!! Don’t miss out on some fabulous limited edition prizes, yours for free if you buy qualified items from participating shops. I’ve finally gotten around to stamping all my cards and it was easy except for the Black Knight sim, because they moved their kiosk to the middle of the sim :X I don’t like you, Black Knight! Grrr.. lol

CSR Gifts by you.

I <3333 this Edelweiss Amelie dress! Helloooo hot Anime girl!

CSR Gifts by you.

DP**YumYum** IttyBunny doll, so cute! I remember telling a couple of people that these dolls remind me of the popular Blythe dolls in real life. Don’t ask me about BLYTHE dolls unless you want a really long monologue about my collection. LOVE them.

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