Dutch Touch Victoria Skins

Skin Preview::::!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dutch Touch‘s soon to be released Victoria is lovely, same smooth skin tone as the other Dutch Touch skins, but a totally new face. LOVE the new eyebrows, new lips and nose.

[ Side by side comparison:: Dutch Touch – (Older) Serie 2 | (New) Victoria Skin | Truth – AnaLu hair ]

Dutch Touch Skins by you.

[ Dutch Touch – Victoria Pearl / Sunkissed / Tan | Truth – Emma hair ]

I normally don’t show my bum… but the body on the Victoria skin is sooo smooth!! Reminds me of a Vargas pin-up girl drawing.

Dutch Touch Skins by you.

Dutch Touch Skins by you.

[ Gigi Couture – Sexy Bonnie Mini Dress (Blue) | Free Speerit – Elise Hair ]

I’m wearing this very appropriately named Sexy Bonnie Mini Dress from Gigi Couture for this entry. Looove the color. <3

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