I need a bike :P

Did you know that underneath all the pink fluffy stuff in my inventory, I have some very sexy “bikerish” outfits!? You did not! They’re very sexy and tight, and allllll black.

1. Demolition X – Dark Knight (Female version)

This is KrystalHeart Oh’s latest brand of unisex clothing, offering matching outfits for men and women. In addition to badass leather outfits, there is lingerie other cute stuff!

XGogo_2 by you.

XGogo_1 by you.

LOVE the skull embellishments and belt straps!

2. ED (Eclipse Development) – Impact Outfit (Female)

XGogo_5 by you.

Love all the belt straps here too, I’m starting to feel like I need a whip to go with these outfits to tame all the bad inventory bugs that have been chomping away at my invy *sob*!

I like that the jacket has a long and short sleeve version, sooooo hot!

Oh… and there’s matching boots:

ED – Impact Boots (I’m wearing the Female version)

XGogo_7 by you.

3. House of Rfyre – Zora

XGogo_6 by you.

Love the brocade-like pattern on this outfit and lighting on the pants. The Zora also comes with a very pretty skirt with nice prim sleeves and a decorative collar.

XGogo_3 by you.

Someone please tell me where to buy a hot pink motorbike to go with these outfits, and I’ll be a very happy girl!

Other credits: Hair | MMSHair – Venessa | MMSHair – Stefani | ETD – Holly | Armidi – The Bombshell // X3D Marie Antoinette Collection – Ostrich Feather baret // Le Masque d’Elka necklace by Mijn Boa

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