Bizarre SL bugs…

Last night someone tp’d me to a location on the Haute Couture sim demanding that I remove my REALLY LARGE SHOE from her shop. I don’t even have rezzing rights on this sim, so I went to see what she was on about. Apparently a shoe I have never seen before or own was enlarged and on display inside a former shoe shop? I don’t know.. weird…..!!!! I had full perms to it too, and could edit, so I just deleted it from her shop. Tried to contact a Linden, not much help, but I just wanted to document this here just in case anybody in SL has encountered this weird problem.

**EDIT** In other bizarre shoe news, a friend of mine showed me a thread on the SLU forum featuring some very nice sculpted shoes that someone was selling full perm on SLEx. Those looked really similar.. if not exactly the same as the ones sasawe Capalini tried to sell me several months ago.

So I went to a picks in the seller’s profile, Have Magic, and found these shoes rezzed in-world. They’re really nice looking!

[ Shoe by Have Magic ]

[ Shoe by Have Magic found at the Magic Castle sim ]

And these are the ones that Sasawe Capalini showed me on June 9th, which look very similar to the strappy shoes above:

[ by Sasawe Capalini // snapshot taken June 9, 2008 ]

[ by Sasawe Capalini ]

Definitely bizarre… I wonder if Have Magic = Sasawe Capalini or they’re both using the same source? Enlighten me!

*note* Sasawe Capalini was/is a former creator for Stiletto Moody shoes

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  1. I don’t know, you buy it.. I guess? I’m not even sure if these are sold wearable as is, or you have to create them. It’s for re-sellers…..

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