Ohh.. Swallowtail! I love youuuuuuu. <33 Natsuko Paravane created this Branch necklace which drapes naturally around your neck and cleverly covering one boob, so sexy! With sexy jewelry like this, who needs to wear a shirt! Three different sizes and styles are included per package (and they’re transferrable!).

[ Photo taken on location @ Juicy Del Mar.. I made lights! You should see it in color at midnight mode, really gorgeous. ]

Swallowtail by you.

[ Close-up of Swallowtail’s Branch Necklace ]

Also, I forgot to mention that Curio skins are on sale for $2000L per pack! That’s 8 skins total, four different makeups and includes freckles version and non-freckles! YAYNESS!!!! Sale ends Sept 4th.

Gala Phoenix Freckles Version!!! by you.

What I’m Wearing:

Swallowtail – Branch Necklace

Laqroki – Suspender jeans

ETD – Honey Hair

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