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Are you Curio[us]?

Gala Phoenix has released more of her skins in Freckles version!! Available now at the Curio sim, there are 8 new addition so if you’re a freckles loving girl, ruuuuuuuuuuuuun to Curio!

Gala Phoenix Freckles Version!!! by you.

[ Click for bigger image! | To view all the makeups close-up, please visit my Gala Phoenix Skins Flickr set ]

Shown above are newest makeups that have been frecklized (is this a real word?) in Pearl, Classic, Lumine, and Luster tone. It’s so hard to decide which tone is my favorite between these lovely shades!

Gala Phoenix Freckles Version!!! by you.

TP to Curio to demo all the lovely new skins. <3

Gala Phoenix Freckles Version!!! by you.

To match my Curio Vex makeup with yummy red lips, I’m wearing a sassy little cheerleader outfit from NYMPHETAMINE Boutique and the lovely Juicy Classic pumps in Apple!

I love Nymphetamine Boutique, and was very upset to get a note through Paeoti Pomeray’s subscribe-o-matic about her creations being stolen and the troubles she went through with Linden Lab and the thief. Show Nymphetamine your love and go get sexy!

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  1. AnaLu

    YAY for new Gala skins! <3

  2. Mina

    These skins are GORGEOUS!
    Btw, where are your lashes from? I’ve been trying to find a good pair to invest in and yours always look perfect!

  3. Gogo

    my lashes are CAKE – Bedroom lashes (at the FNKY Cake sim) by Stumbelina Ophelia πŸ™‚

  4. Mina

    thanks SO much for the info. these lashes are divine and are def. worth the investment, love them!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Gogo

    yw Mina~ I agree, these are worth every Lindens <3

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