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Freebies @ Hair Fair

The best part about Hair Fair, besides all the fabulous new styles are FREEBIES!!!!!!!! My inventory went up 500+ items as a result of hair fair, so it’s time to unpack the bazillion gift boxes and see what we have here….

Featured below are some of the free hairs found at Hair Fair, this list is probably only half of the goodies that are available and does not include any guys hair. Cuteness below!

Hairs are listed in this order from top to bottom (left to right):

HCT – Lonnie
Laqroki – September
Marlys – Leave me alone
Eat Rice! – Puety
Tousled – Therese
Exile – Shay
Kin – Kestrel
House of Heart – Daphne
House of Heart – Tilda
Magika – Dream
Moonshine – Camdyn
Curio – Princess
Curio – Spiky
Mirada – Lindsey
Sirena – Zoey
Allison – Latte
Dernier Cri – Rachel
Pixelated Dreams – Flexi Piggies

** With the exception of one Nicky Ree tennis top, the rest of the tops are freebies from various designers at Hair Fair.

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  1. B

    well i was at the hair fair and the lag is so bad i just give up
    i dont know if its the over use on the stands or the high prim count of the people ni bling but its just nasty
    what a shame to – there was demos i got that i wanted to buy but i cant even get near the stands – u were lucky getting in early

  2. Leilani_A

    The lag was not bad at all for me, but I did see people fully clothed…even bling tards and primmed avies. I wanted to just about scream…
    Please please please take off attachments, make it easier for everyone <3

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