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Giusia Skins

The Giusia sim/brand caught my attention this week because they’re the top 6 paid classifieds. I had never heard of this brand before so I went for a visit. This sim is already full of products ranging from skins, shoes, and clothes for men and women. At first glance, the skins look similar to many others on the grid, and the price tag for a ‘fatpack’ is pricey at $20,000L for 16 skins, or $1500L for each skin. There’s a slight discount if you purchase the fatpack, however I wish these skins were broken up into two smaller fatpacks instead of just one to make it more affordable.

Shown below is the Giusia Light Skin:

Giusia skins by you.

[ Click the collage for larger image ]

And more…..

Giusia skins by you.

[ Click the collage for larger image ]

*not all skins are shown, please view my Giusia Skins Flickr set for a close-up of each makeup

Right now there’s a hunt at the Giusia sim, I found 1 free skin near the skins section along with an outfit, and a pair of sculpted pumps. The gift boxes are really easy to find (look near furniture/plants!).

Giusia Skin + Outfit by you.

[ Giusia – ANNA pink outfit (found @ hunt) ]

Other stuff I’m wearing: Mela’s – Crown of Thorns hair | MMSHair – Carrie II hair | ICoN – MN bag set and ICoN necklace

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  1. Torakiki

    to me, they look very well done, pretty makeups, smooth and silky skin and not just “similar to many others on the grid”, oh and they have a sweet face too.
    Also your blog is similar to many others on the net yet you act like you own the world, that’s why I don’t like you.

  2. Gogo

    Angry much?

  3. Emme Mannonen

    Wow, that was an interesting comment. I just wanted to say I went to check out the place, I got some demos and even got some of the treasure hunt prizes, thank goodness it was so easy!
    Keep up the blogging, especially the skin reviews!

  4. B

    i got the hunt skin and love it and I agree with u there is a good chance I would buy these if the packs were split up – maybe in the future !

  5. Leilani_A

    Ty for the heads up on the hunt πŸ™‚
    I am such a skin/stuff whore!
    As for Torakik…it’s her blog. Don’t read it if ya don’t like it πŸ™‚

  6. Grunge Style

    I do think they look a lot like ones you can get for far cheaper :- That being said, they don’t look bad at all. Or maybe thats your lovely face ^^ j/k, and one can never have too many makeups.

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