Groups by you.

SL imposes the 25 group limit on all residents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join 100 more on Flickr! Here are some groups to submit your awesome pics to, if you’re feeling inspired:

Curio | Last Call | | Juicy

If you’re interested in a brand or an activity, make a group! Groups are fun and a really good way to share your favorite items with other people. And best of all, on Flickr it won’t take up a precious group slot.

Why Flickr groups rock for SL businesses:

– Encourages people to take pictures using your products

– Being able to view images of your products in one place

– Interaction / Community / Inspiration

– and more good stuff I can’t think of now!

Most people reading this probably know all this, but if your business does not have a Flickr group, it might be a good idea to start one.

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