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Hair Fair 2008

OH……. MY………. GOD!!!!! There’s so much awesomeness at Hair Fair 2008!!!!!!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

ARGRACE!!! <333333

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

My friend Wilma looking cute @ the Draconic Kiss booth!!! <33333

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Deviant Kitties!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Curio FREEBIE hair! Hotnesssss <3

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Find Ash freebie hair for boyzzz!!!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

I don’t remember what this is but I love the gift box!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Cute Hair! I forgot what this is 😛

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Sky Everett, the most expensive hair on the grid? PRETTTYYYYY. EXPENSIVE… BUT PRETTYYY!!!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.


Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Mirai Style hair, soo funky!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Tickled Pink – Cutest booth evah!!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

MMMMMmmm Maitreya <3

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

I forgot who this is by, but it’s cute!

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

Pretty booth #2

Hair Fair 2008 by you.

I would buy this hair just for the “hat” @ Eat Rice!

More pics @ my Hair Fair 2008 Flickr Set.

My tips for Hair Fair:

1. Make tons of landmarks and name them otherwise you will NEVER find what you want to come back to.

2. Grab the freebies! They rock!

3. Be prepared to spend HOURS to see everything, so make several small trips.


Happy shopping everyone! In 8 HOURS! 🙂

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  1. x

    nice (not) they let people in early. fucking gay.

  2. Gogo

    Dear x, Don’t hate! 🙂 Hair Fair is a fun and charitable event. I’m very honored to have been allowed in the sims a little early to check everything out. Soon enough you will be drowning in a sea of yummy hair, and everything will be ok 🙂

  3. B

    glad u blogged some stuff – these fairs are fab but can be hard to get the hang of or so big its easier to give up and miss the briliant things – love blogs that help me find my way around so please do some more while the fair is on
    Glad u got in early to give some tips

  4. Grunge Style

    Now I’m fully excited ^^ Bad enough it happens on the day I give myself my “allowance”. AND, like you, I had discovered last week Truth’s hair sale, and I now have more hair than I know what to do with.
    Not that that’ll stop me >:D

  5. Mica

    Just a tip…Hair Fair demos are on sale at OnRez: I searched for Hair Fair and there are 30 pages of sneak peaks and L$0 demos:))

  6. Candy Lemmon

    While I have no problem with sneak peeks, it can be pretty annoying to see multiple blogs mentioning how they were so lucky to get in and enjoy VIP status while the rest of us wait around.
    This post was actually a post, with pictures and impressions and provides the rest of us with a look as well – Thanks Gogo!

  7. Pearl F

    I was already really excited about going to the fair but your post has made me really, really , really excited…..thx Gogo 😀

  8. Jennie

    Thanks for this post!! I’m currently logged in the pInk district, but the lag is so utterably terrible that I can’t even look at all the hair!! 🙁 *sadness*

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