There’s so many new fabulous goodies on the grid today!!!

First, Gala Phoenix has released even more makeups for her latest skin line. I got the demos in the group this morning and they’re fantastic. The “Naturals I” pack is priced at 3000L for four makeups and includes FRECKLES version, so you’re really getting 8 skins for that price.

Gala Phoenix Skins by you.

[ Click here to view the Gala Phoenix Skins set on my Flickr for large pics ]

I spotted this sign today at the Curio sim!! This is a great discount and I would encourage anyone who wants to get 8 skins or more to use this take the generous offer because you’d be saving $$$$$$, and getting exactly the skins you want without having to buy the entire pre-made pack.

And this cannot be missed…. MAEVA is having a treasure hunt and it ends TODAY. Vanity Esparza passed me the note card about the hunt yesterday but I didn’t really finish finding it all until this morning. I didn’t realize that today is the last day, apparently it’s been going on all week long.. so get your fashionista self to Maeva Fashion now!!

Here are some of the goodies that can be found:

Maeva Treasure Hunt by you.

Maeva Treasure Hunt by you.

Maeva Treasure Hunt by you.

Tp to Maeva Fashion and search for 14 little bags. They’re $1L each, except for 1 bag priced at $5L. All clothing in this post were found @ the Treasure hunt.

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