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katat0nik’s Alice & Malice

Alice stuff is HOT right now!!! The latest release from katat0nik is an Alice inspired dress that includes royalty free illustrations from the original story by Lewis Carroll. This dress is 15-piece and includes sculpted sleeves, collar, and bows. Of course, there’s matching hair!!! The katat0nik Alice hair is scripted to change the hair textures/size and color on the hair band.

katatonik Alice & Malice set by you.

[ katat0nik – clothes, hair, shoes | LicoLico – Heart shaped bag ]

katatonik Alice & Malice set by you.

If you’re feeling a bit evil… there’s Malice, the darker version of Alice. Malice is a limited edition set, only 50 copies are available!! #1-25 will be available at Axis Mundi and #26-50 will be available at Jabberwocky. The Malice limited edition set is a 27-piece work of art, includes a bloody and plain version of everything.

katatonik Alice & Malice set by you.

katatonik Alice & Malice set by you.

I didn’t do it……….

Tp to katat0nik at Axis Mundi to see all the goodies!

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  1. Beanie Canning

    LOL I think we both blogged an Alice outfit on iheartsl at the same time. I hadn’t seen the katat0nik one. Love it!
    Ever since the American McGee game, I’ve loved ‘bad’ Alice lol.

  2. Ding Fotherington

    This is so cute! btw, can you please tell me how can I get a link of my blog onto the fashion planet of SL site?

  3. Gogo

    Send a notecard to Tao Takashi in-world with your blog’s URL and rss url 🙂

  4. Ding Fotherington


  5. Chai

    Hey Gogo, where’d you get the skin in your tiny display picture? e.e

  6. Gogo

    Which tiny display pic? this one is Gala Phoenix skin.

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