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Kira Ahn Skins

Kira Ahn of KA Designs has recently released some new skins in 4 skin tones, each having nice natural makeups and a very sweet golden glow. I love the way the Pale skin tone looks against Platinum hair (my favorite color).

Kira Ahn Skins by you.

[ KA Skins – Pale | Detour – Sienna hair | UnToneQuilt – Charcoal sweatdress ]

The Charcoal sweatdress from UnToneQuilt is worth every Linden! So cozy and perfect for lounging around.

[ KA Skins Pale | Click for the image for original size | Magika – Genesis hair ]

Kira Ahn Skins by you.

[ KA Skins Sunkissed | Click for the image for original size | MMSHair – Carrie II ]

View my entire KA Skins Set on Flickr for close-ups of all the makeups!

If you loooove skins as much as I do, there are 4 skins for FREE inside gift boxes @ the KA mainstore. These skins have a permanent flower tattoo on the body, but it’s tastefully done and very wearable.

Kira Ahn Skins by you.

[ The 4 Free KA Skin | Truth – Sunday hair ]

Kira Ahn Skins by you.

Smexy flower tattoo! Normally I don’t like it when skin designers give out skins with extra “stuff” on the skin because they tend to be really out of place, but the tattoo is really cute here, and a great way for people to try out the skin before they spurge!

TP to KA Designs to demo the skins and pick up the goodies!

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  1. Jennie

    Hi hi! I would LOVE to buy that sweatdress but the url directs me to some place called Petit Ange. I tried searching for UnToneQuilt but can’t find it. Help?! 🙂

  2. Gogo

    The creator of the UnToneQuilt dress is Chocolat Yifu. Sorry everyone! The LM that was included in the folder when I bought it is wrong? I didn’t know this. Look up the creator and TP there thru his/her profile 🙂

  3. Gogo

    Btw……. This dress is REALLY awesome! I’ve already had a couple of people IM me in-world for the LM. IT IS as good as it looks! 🙂

  4. Jennie

    Thanks Gogo!! I finally found it!! omg, the dress IS SO ADORABLE! 🙂
    Oh! I have one more question, would you happen to have the landmark url for MMSHair? I love the Carrie II on here. Thank you so much! I’ll stop asking questions now, haha.

  5. Gogo

    Np Jennie! I just thought MMSHair was common knowledge so I didn’t put a slurl…. am so lazy sometimes 🙂 MMsHair is by Minnu Palen.

  6. Jennie

    Ahhh, thanks again! I’m a newbie so I’m still learning about all the fashionable places in SL, haha. Thank you for all your help, love your blog and your style! 🙂

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