Sumomo Kawashima is the girl with blue skin (most of the time!) and yummilicious colorful hairs. I’ve been spying her FLICKR for a long time now, and I had noooo idea she made clothes, and CUTE DELICIOUS YUMMY EDIBLE ones, at that! It was really tough choosing which color to buy, but I settled on pink&blue because it’s girlie girl, and matches my pink hair and shoes perfectly.

momo by Sumomo Kawashima by you.

[ ~momo~ watermelon heaven dress | ETD – Abigail hair ]

momo by Sumomo Kawashima by you.

[ Juicy Classic Pumps – Bubblegum ]

Immma happpppppy girl. I love Sumomo’s shop!

P.S. Torley Linden needs this dress!

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