Envy Doll

I like pressies, especially if they are items I can wear like SKINS! Winter surprised me this morning with a landmark to a skin shop unknown to me! How is that possible?! The brand is Domestic -V, and has a fantastic collection of Deadly Doll skins in seven sinful flavors! Shown below is the Envy Doll skin (thx Winter!) with tears version.

Domestic -V Deadly Doll Skins by you.

These Domestic -V skins are priced so affordable at $300L per skin and TRANSFERABLE. That’s right, buy this for yourself, your friends, pass it around to your alt.. whatever, it’s awesome!

I look so pouty..

Domestic -V Deadly Doll Skins by you.

[ Also wearing: katat0nik – Alice hair | Miam Miam jewelry (all) | sinDecade – dark green eyes ]

TP to Domestic -V to demo all the Dead Doll skins for yourself 🙂

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