Just for fun, Team Gogo!

Free “Team Gogo” halter tank at my shop! Ivey Deschanel of [email protected] helped me make this, so if you like this halter tank be sure to visit [email protected] for all her goodies.

I got the idea from reading celebrity gossip blogs. If you’re an avid reader of Ohnotheydidn’t or Perez Hilton, you know what I’m talking about!

There’s no drama here, just fun, free & sexy. Team Gogo shirt matches everrrrrything. Tp to Juicy to get yours. It’s inside a little green box for $0L, you can’t miss it!

Team Gogo! by you.

[ The Back ]

Team Gogo! by you.

And.. and… and… I saw Beanie blog these sassy Hays Uriza “Cyndi” Platform Strap pumps and had to take it home with me! I love you shiny Black pumps!!!

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