Philotic Energy

Philotic Energy hair + Bare Rose by you.

Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy made this gorgeous Kalee hair for Black Swan. The Kalee hair includes an interesting pair of horns that can be worn with the hair, along with a a menu-driven tintable headband and hair roses.

Philotic Energy hair + Bare Rose by you.

I’m pairing this hair with a cute little outfit from Bare Rose, the White Mist which is super sexay!! You can find this outfit at the new release section in the middle of the sim where all the little green dots are. *note* Bare Rose is lag hell, so prepare to wait awhile for textures to clearly rez.

Philotic Energy hair + Bare Rose by you.

The Philotic Energy – Kalee hair can be found EXCLUSIVELY at Black Swan for the next two weeks, so TP there and check out all the goodies!

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