La Sylphide Skins

La Sylphide Skins by you.

I………. LOVE……………. SKINS!!! Whenever there’s a new skin released on the grid, my toes tingle. Seriously! Skins for me are > shoes > clothes > hair. But I love all those other stuff too!!! I just like standing on my pose stand waiting for a skin to rez, it’s relaxing 😛 Who needs aroma therapy?!

The latest Erin skins from La Sylphide arrived just in time for Autumn, with tons of beautiful rich & earthy makeups. I’m totally loving the glossy lips and that nose is perfection with just the right amount of shine.

La Sylphide Skins by you.

Shown here in Pale + Tan skin tones. View my La Sylphide Flickr set for larger images!

La Sylphide Skins by you.

Tp to La Sylphide to demo all the fabulous skins for yourself!

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  1. OH these are just gorgeous!!! Maybe it’s time to break away from my old skin, hehe.
    Btw, where is the hair from?? *drools* It’s gorgeous too! 🙂

  2. Hi … you are right, the nose is lovely!! i wonder if they have freckled version or black eye browns?
    I just love all the skins, but that is what stop me to buy them …silly thing 😛
    by the way … which hair are you wearing?

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