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A couple of days ago I was hanging around at La Reve spying on a dancing couple. The girl was wearing this beautiful hair so I inspected it and ran to Analog Dog to get some! Inspect is an awesometastic feature!

How to inspect?

Right click on any attachment, the pie menu comes up –> Click More -> More -> Inspect

This allows you to see creator name and item name, without having to ask people where their hair/shoes/skirt comes from.

Anyways.. onto the hair! This is the Milli style from Analog dog. I bought the Milli light pack which includes FIVE different shades of blonde!!!! Sepia, Platinum, Fall, Blonde, and Bleached. I’m wearing Sepia in these photos, and I think the texturing is beeeeeeeeeautiful!!

YUMMY, Plaid! by you.

YUMMY, Plaid! by you.

[ Analog Dog – Milli hair back view ]

This hair has 2 bang options, middle and side swept. You can also wear it without bangs, too.

YUMMY, Plaid! by you.

I’m wearing the Baroness outfit by Last Call. Wish I bought more colors before they closed, this is such a cute little outfit.

YUMMY, Plaid! by you.

KOOKIE has officially launched at Juicy!! PLAID….SHOES……MINE!

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  1. Sai Pennell

    I. Must. Have. That. Hair!!!
    *runs to buy* πŸ˜€

  2. mochimilena

    LOL. I am way too guilty of doing the whole “Inspecting” attachments It’s made my wallet cry many times.

  3. Marissa Goodliffe

    I love this hair too, I knew I wouldn’t ever wear the side swepped bangs so I dropped the hair and lined up the straight bangs and linked them together. We’re already short on above the shoulders attachemnt points! πŸ™‚

  4. Siddean M

    OMG, I tripped over myself to get that hair as soon as I saw it on you Gogo! It’s gorgeous! I have it in black and I adore it so much πŸ™‚

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