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A friend of mine showed me something really cool this morning! A website called ExitReality allows you to view any website in 3D. Here’s the information pasted from their website:

ExitReality is a free internet plug-in that allows anyone to view every web page in 3D.

What is ExitReality for?

  • View any webpage in 3D… every website is now a virtual world
  • Turn your standard 2D web page into your own unique 3D space
  • Meet and chat with people in 3D
  • Search and explore thousands of online 3D communities and meet new people!

What Can I Do?

  • Convert, decorate and share your Social Network Page in 3D
  • Collect cool objects to add to your 3D space or apartment
  • Create a 3D Avatar, chat with friends and meet new people
  • Invite people to your virtual space
  • Host real time parties and events at your online space

Here’s two screenshots of my website as rendered by the ExitReality site. Your avatar can WALK (or run) through my site…. miles and miles of fashion blog entries with clickable links to visit the SLurls or linked websites. If there are other people browing my site via ExitReality at the same time, you will encounter their avatar too and be able to interact with them. It seems like they’re still in the early phases of development, but this could really be a great way for people to connect and businesses to advertise and interact with customers.

[ Screenshots courtesy of Davo. Thanks Davo!! ]

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  1. SECOND LIFE agora no seu navegador web - ExitReality | ..:: MIX BRASIL ::..

  2. Zimmy Weezles

    OOo makes me wanna kick my mac ! They don’t have a mac version in that site *sobs* I wanna run through websites tooooo !:P xx

  3. akeleisworld

    This sounds super duper, i will try and tell you how its goes 😀 Thanks!!!

  4. akeleisworld

    i get nothing, i still dont know how to work with it *cries*

  5. momola

    Tried id!
    Absolutely stunning …
    Thanks for this information. I translated it into german for my blog.
    Greets and go on – I love your blog 🙂

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