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fascino hair!!!

The grid is borked, what’s a girl to do? I can’t tp anywhere but stay at home so I’m gonna show you a couple of really cool finds this week. I found the CUTEST hair in the entire world……….. (until the next cutest hair comes along!) at fascino hair salon! Designer Sola Meili has a small but really awesome collection. I found this shop @ the Summer Lush event that Beanie (I love her blog <3) blogged about, which ended today. Found a bunch of cool shops from wandering around that event! <3

Onto the hair!


This is the fascino Cuore Blonde style and comes with a color-changeable heart hair tie! So cute!


[ Pink Fuel – White Bunny Plushie ]

I’m a sucker for plushies and backpacks, so when Pink Fuel moved into Juicy Bella, I had to buy all their stuff too because it’s just too cute!


[ Pink Fuel – Stitched White Rabbit Backpack ]

To complete my hot pink mood, I’m wearing the Schadenfreude – Rose Webbeater tank, and Surf Co – Tiny Shorts along with Curio skin in Dahlia cos I love this eye makeup!

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  1. Wilma Delgado

    wah wah wah, can’t tp in SL. Quit your whining. We’re stuck in a F*****G hotel room in freaking Cape Girardeau Missouri waiting out this F***** hurricane. Can you tell that I am going f****** stir crazy??? This sucks.
    But hey..we’re together and safe…and hopefully we will have a home to return to.
    Ok, I’m finished whining.

  2. Gogo

    Awwww I miss you <3 Glad you guys are safe! When you get back lets go get some awesome hair!

  3. Gogo

    OH hey, where are the dogs?

  4. Wilma Delgado

    They’re in this DAMNED hotel room with us. Driving me apeshit. Doug’s driving me crazy too…lol. Yep, I must be suffering from some sort of weird PMS or something..I am ready to climb the F****** walls.

  5. Wilma Delgado

    LOL Ok, sorry…I said damned;)

  6. Gogo

    LOL, it’s ok. You can say damned, wordpress doesn’t censor THAT.. but all your F******** got censored LOL.

  7. mochimilena

    LOL, I got your IM. Yay for pouty bunnies 😛

  8. J.Dikes

    where did you get that skin at? ive been looking for it forever, but obviously i still cant find it T_T;

  9. Gogo

    The skin is by Gala Phoenix at the Curio sim, HURRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. There’s a sale right now and it ends TOMORROW. Sept 4th!

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